Get Paid To Travel The World: Teaching English Abroad

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Did you know that there are only a handful of careers that allow you to travel the world while you are getting paid?

So you can explore new places and get funding for it.

Teaching English as a Second Language (also known as TEFL) can help fund your adventure.

Fund Your Travels By Teaching English Abroad

Is it for you?

Anyone can teach English as long as you are enthusiastic and your English is good. And no its not just for gap students as you may have heard.

Teaching English as a Second Language is becoming more popular for those wanting a career break, a career change and even a lifestyle change.

There are various reasons for choosing TEFL. You can earn money and fund your travels at the same time, you may have always wanted to live in a foreign country, maybe even wanted to teach and a change of career.

What to expect?

Earnings are dependent on experience and qualifications. Where in the world would you like to work? How confident would you feel about teaching? What age group of students would you like to teach too? What type of place would you like to teach? An institution or in the middle of nowhere. What level of support would you like in the classroom? You may have to teach during unsociable hours. You could be teaching a small class or a large one. Every day will be a challenge.

Do I have the right skillset?

The two most important attributes you must possess are enthusiasm and fluency in English.

Next you require the qualification. The most popular and sought after qualification by ESL employers worldwide to Teach English as a Second Language is the 120hr accredited TEFL certification. If you want to get a feel for teaching before committing to a TEFL course or job, consider joining a volunteer project, many of which do include elements of English teaching.

Once you are ready to get qualified, do your research. There is no governing body for TEFL. You need to make sure the provider is accredited. Generally speaking, the longer a TEFL provider has been around the better.

How to get started

If you want to start earning but don’t want to go alone, an internship may be a better choice for you.


  • Short contract – (4-6 months)
  • Placement provided
  • Accommodation provided
  • Paperwork sorted out for you
  • Dedicated support
  • Share your experience with other interns



  • Expensive
  • Can’t choose the placement
  • Living allowance- Allot less than a teacher


Or if you want to jump straight in, check out online job boards. Contact schools and agencies directly, that way you can choose the place you want to work and the type of students you would like to teach. You will also be committed to at least 6 -12 months and if you decide to break your contract early there will be a financial penalty.

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